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Saturday June 25, 2016

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IRS Design Challenge Winners

On June 10, the IRS announced the winners of its first “Tax Design Challenge.” This innovative crowdsourcing competition was designed to gather ideas to enhance the taxpayer experience.

Andrew Miller of San Francisco won both the “Overall Design” $10,000 reward and the “Best Taxpayer Usefulness” $2,000 reward. He is a web developer and specialist in user-interface design.

Miller created “IRS MyService” with a dashboard and tax return summary cards. His design also included a profile section and individual notifications. His design received high marks because it was responsive and worked well on phones.

Second place for “Overall Design” went to Andrea Angquist of San Francisco. She is a Silicon Valley web developer. Her “IRS 365” designs focused on easy-to-use screens for accessing tax information on a smartphone.

Both winners were evaluated on “Overall Appeal, Taxpayer Usefulness, Financial Capability, Visual Hierarchy, Information Density and Accessibility.”

Other winners in the “Financial Capability” category were Sam Nguyen and Vidhika Bansal of Washington DC. They suggested a concept called “Taxes.” Second in this category was Dante Vono of Minnesota for an application with the title “MyTax Online.”

Editor’s Note: This crowdsourcing plan is an excellent concept. The IRS benefits from very experienced and high-quality web designers. Hopefully, many of these user-friendly concepts will be included in future versions of

Published June 17, 2016

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